Adam Haris

Ruby on Rails & Ember.js Developer | Creative Technologist | Entrepreneur

35 years old


Budapest, Hungary


I have been building web applications since 2008. I have several years of experience in the planning, developing and maintenance of business efficient web applications.

I switched to Ruby and started using the Rails framework in 2010.
I strongly believe in the Convention over Configuration design pattern.
I always follow the web development trends, I am open to learning new things and solving different problems.


Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Elixir, TDD, HTML5, Javascript, Ember.js, Ember-Data, GIT, Cacheing, Sidekiq

Other skills: BDD, Rspec, Minitest, Cucumber, Sinatra, HAML, Coffeescript, MongoDB, MySql, PostgreSql, ElasticSearch, Elixir, Phoenix, Node.js, Express/Koa, REST API, {json:api}, EmberCLI, jQuery, PHP, HTML5, MVC, Facebook API, OSX, Linux, nginx, Heroku, Git, Swift, Agile project management, Leadership, Early bird


Aac logo

Owner, CTO Ltd. - Budapest, Hungary

January 2014. - is a web and mobile development company for your startup or advertising agency.
We do Ruby on rails, Ember.js and Elixir consulting.

We'll help you take your project from idea to reality.
We truly believe in the "release early, release often" software development philosophy. Clients will receive access to the staging site and a tool allowing them to follow the progress - we use Trello.

We love test-driven development, pair programming, short development cycles and continuous integration. Each key functionality produced by our developers covered with automated tests.

Visit our homepage, check out our projects and hire us!

Freelancer Web Developer

November 2008. -

In 2008, I started my freelance carrier beside my studies. I used PHP, in 2010 I switched to Ruby which has allowed me to build web applications more effectively and faster than PHP. I am always open for freelance projects. I have worked with several international startups, I help build and start their products or services like mobile api’s, webshops etc.

I do Ruby on Rails and Ember.js consulting.

Yr logo

Head of Development - Young and Rubicam - Budapest, Hungary

November 2011. - January 2014.

As the Head of Development, I managed campaigns for our clients of a traditional advertising agency and of Ombrello Digital. I was responsible for services planning, application implementation and I led the development team.

Ombrello logo

Ruby on Rails Developer - Ombrello Media Ltd. - Budapest, Hungary

March 2011. - November 2011.

The first Ruby team in Hungary, who have been using Rails since version 0.8.

I developed and maintained high traffic sites.

Qs logo

Web Developer - Queen-Site Ltd. - Pécs, Hungary

September 2010. - February 2011.

At Queen Site Ltd., I built several small web applications, webshops.
Mainly with PHP, MySQL and jquery


Pollack Mihály Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
University of Pécs - IT Engineer, System Engineer

Eötvös Loránd Technical School - IT, Kaposvár


As a speaker:

  • Building Ambitious Web Applications with Ember - Pécs Web meetup Watch the video!
  • Building - Budapest Ember
  • {json:api} v1.0 - A specification for building APIs in JSON - Budapest Ember

Social Responsibility

Bátor Tábor Foundation
Building and maintenance of a website for Bátor Tábor Foundation. Bátor tábor offers complex therapeutic recreation programs for children with cancer, diabetes, JRA or haemophilia and for their families.

Önkéntes Központ Alapítvány
Social applications for the Hungarian Voluntary Foundation.


American Football, Travel, IT, Politics